1975 Porsche 911 Carrera

VIN:  9115400311

Mileage: 51,407 miles

Body Style: Coupe with sunroof

Color: Gulf Blue - paint code 328-9-1

Transmission: 5-Speed 915 Gearbo

We have more pictures of the car on the website in the Gallery Section/Current Projects.

This car has been sitting since 1994.  At that time the engine and gearbox were removed for inspection and to repair some oil leaks.  For reasons unknown the owner never got around to finishing the work and when the car was received the drivetrain and some other exterior parts of the car were still off the car.  After some cleaning and inspection what we have found is a very original car with no signs of collision damage or rust. This car has a 2.7 Liter CIS injected 911S  USA specification engine with  175 HP, not the mechanically injected version for the European Market.

The mileage shows 51,407 and that is believed to be original. 

Gulf Blue is a color the John Wyer Racing team painted the Gulf Oil Company sponsored Porsche 917's in the early 1970's - it is an iconic color.  I do not know how many 911 Carreras were painted Gulf Blue in 1975 but there can not be very many, if I were to guess how many are still in original paint I would honestly say that I doubt you will find another.  The front and rear bumpers, the rear decklid, and the side rocker covers will need to be painted - but the body of the car has cleaned up very nicely and I would not think that anybody would consider a repaint.

Mechanically the car needs everything. We have started the process by sending the brake calipers to Porsche specialists PMB to completely rebuild.  The original fuel pump was sent out for rebuild and returned working and looking like new.  The fuel tank was full of debris and is currently out with the intent to save it instead of replacing it with a tank that could never be original.  We are selling the car as-is but we hope that we can find a buyer that will let us finish this project properly and get this car back on the road.

The engine has not been installed into the car.  It would not be worthwhile to try and run the engine without taking it apart for an inspection.  I would expect that the following parts would be replaced:  all bearings, timing chains, chain tensioners, valve guides, valve springs, all gaskets and seals, and other misc items.  For a proper rebuild it might also include new pistons and cylinders and new valves.  The transmission was claimed to have been rebuilt buy a famous Porsche factory trained technician named Hans Mandt who worked with many Porsche racing teams in the 1970's-1990's.  The transmission was overhauled in the early 1990's and never installed, it only makes sense to take the tranmission apart to inspect and verify the set-up and condition of the parts.

One area of the car that will need to be considered is the interior.  The car was delivered with dark Navy blue carpets, at one point the second owner decided to change to black carpeting.  Some of the original Navy blue carpets are still in the car while some pieces have been replaced with non-original black carpeting.  The steering wheel is in good shape but some of the threads are split and the wheel will need to stitched up, personally I would replace it with another good used one.  The seats are in very nice condition but they also have some stitching that will need to be repaired.  Dash is perfect, which is the hardest and most expensive piece in the interior, a good thing since the aftermarket dashes do not look and feel like the originals.

In 1974 the USA version Carrera had the Ducktail that was identical to the 1973 2.7 RS Ducktail, in 1975 the USA version Carrera has the Carrera tail that is a fiberglass shell bonded to a steel frame with a rubber lip.  This car has it's original 1975 spec Carrera tail and included is a New Old Stock (NOS) never mounted rubber lip for the rear spolier.  Also included is a NOS, never mounted rubber front spoiler for the front bumper.  This car has the correct 7 x 15 and 8 x 15 Fuchs wheels in original finish.  I am very sympathetic to using every original part that I can for a car like this but even I would most likely end-up reconditioning the wheels.   I call this type of project a Conservation Restoration, trying to use every original part or source other good orginal parts when possible. Of course for many soft parts: belts, hoses, rubber seals, etc. - replacement is the best option.

This car is not perfect. It is not a barn-find that was living under silk sheets in an air-conditioned chamber but it is an original 1975 911 Carrera with Gulf Blue paint.

Thank you for taking a look!


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